Advertisers top current challenges, concerns and objectives

Advertisers top current challenges, concerns and objectives

Market Landscape

Around the globe, advertisers cite creating a better ad experience for consumers as a top challenge facing the industry today. This is driven by changing media consumption habits and consumer privacy concerns.

Interestingly, in the UK, inadequate measurement tools ranks as the chief concern while ad blocking is considered one of three top challenges by advertisers in France.

Across markets, brand safety and ad fraud are least likely
to be considered a top challenge. This suggests improvements in these areas industry‐wide but also the current expectation that video advertising partners will make brand‐safe content available in a secure and transparent way.

Creating a better ad experience for consumers can be accomplished by making ads more relevant.

Delivering relevant video advertising starts with reaching the right audience, but it doesn’t end there. Selecting appropriate media types and delivering effective creative are also key to making campaigns more relevant.

The former requires flexible and automated planning for
a world in which audiences are converging across screens. The latter also demands flexibility. Advertisers report creative versioning, or switching campaign creative in‐flight, has become a greater priority since the COVID‐19 pandemic.

When we look to the future of video advertising, it’s about using data to understand when, where, and how to reach consumers amid shifting media habits and an endless availability of content.